How it works

Vágar airport:

It is very easy and smooth to book a car at FARIS Car Rental. Our airport office and your car is 5 km from the airport, but we can pick you up at the airport for FREE, and take you to your car. After your rental period is over, and you have dropped off the car at our airport office,  we can take you to the airport again for FREE. Nice and easy!


This is a short guide on how it works:

1: Choose the date and time when you need one of our cars

2: Choose the car that you want to drive around the Faroe Islands in

3: Choose the extras you want to add to your booking (insurance, wi-fi, etc)

4: Let us know how many people you are, so we know how many will drive with us in the personal airport pick up/drop off service

5: Fill out your details and flight no. (if you have one, so we can follow your flights’ arrival time)

6: Now the easy part! When you’re outside Vagar airport, we’ll pick you up personally in a car with the FARIS logo on the side and take you to your car 5 km from the airport.


We’ve got a lot of great reviews on how easy the whole thing works. At FARIS we’ll always do our very best to give you the best service possible.


Tórshavn office:

Our Tórshavn car rental office is located at, Á hjalla 22, 188 Hoyvík (see the map on our start page). You can either get there by taxi or bus. If you need to call a taxi in Tórshavn you can call Auto Taxi: +298 311234, or Bil Taxi: +298 323232.

The public busses in Tórshavn are free. Line 6 and line 7 stops right outside our front door. The stop is called Sandvíkarhjalla. You can see the bus plan here:

Line 6

Line 7