A family business that takes pride in safety, excellent service and caring for the environment

Faris car rental had it’s first costumers in february 2019. Prior to that day, a father and his son had decided to start a local car rental business on the Faroe Islands, where they both are born and raised. The son had been living in Copenhagen, Denmark for the last 16 years, but was now finally ready to return home, and wanted to create something for the growing tourisme on the Faroe Islands. The father had been working for a Oil company on the Faroe Islands for the last 25 years and had the same visions as the son. Together they started Faris!

Faris is not just a normal car rental business. We really want to do our best to give our customers the best service possible. We pick you up at the airport, take you to our office (only 5 km from Vagar airport), give you your car and we really enjoy recommed stuff to do or see while you visit our beautiful islands. We’ll also do our very best to answer your questions if you might have some about your stay.

We are very much looking foreward to welcome you to Faris and the beautiful Faroe Islands 🙂